Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Modernism Notes

Post Modernism Introduction

  • Cultural mixing displayed on brochures because life contains many different realities 
  • People in the post modernism world are a combination of many cultures, races and beliefs. This is unique from the past were different cultures did not mix.
  • A world of interconnected differences, creates diversity among art
  • Technology has allowed the world to both shrink and expand
  • Unrestricted growth
  • Post Modernism proceeds Realism and Modernism 
  • Pop culture creates hyper reality 

Jean Baudrillard
  • Disney is an ideal model of hyper reality 
  • Plays withl illusions to create imaginary world 
  • Reveals characteristics of society and American values 
Frederic Jameson- Postmodernims
  • Different cultural impulse
  • 2 ways to read Van Gogh's painting -- symbolic vs. raw materials 
  • Paintings (pair of shoes) reveal status of the world 
  • Waning of affect 

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