Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Final Blog Post

     This semester, I studied the work of Pierre Bonnard. I first saw his work on our trip to the Baltimore Museum of Art and have continued to research it since then. Pierre Bonnard is known for this focus on light,  human and natural beauty. He painted over 300 pictures of his wife Martha throughout their fifty years together and none of the images aged her or revealed flaws.  He only painted with oil on canvas.
      In order to change the medium, I create a three dimensional picture using tissue paper, paint and cutouts of people. My response project followed the triad color scheme and used pastel shades of blue, pink and yellow. Many of Bonnard's pieces were painted with pastel shades so I took that into consideration when choosing my color scheme. Out of his pictures of Martha many were in a bath tub, my piece also contains a central bath tub. It displays the irony in the many baths you take over your lifetime. The progression of aging can be seen with the number of baths you take. The evolution of one person aging through  a bath provides juxtaposition to the way Bonnard presented baths. He viewed baths as a rejuvenation that kept woman young. The bath tub serves as the focal point of my piece. My eye path goes to the people in the bath time and spirals out to the other people. Actual texture comes from the tissue paper that forms the bathroom tiles, while implied texture is in the painting of the bath tub and floor.
     This past semester, I enjoyed my experience taking 2-D design. I can use the skills I learned from this class and apply it to my future experiences. For example, learning to use photoshop will help me in my marketing class next semester. Instead of just coming up with an idea, I can execute it. One thing that might strengthen this class is more examples in class before projects are assigned. This would help students understand the directions better with a visual representation.