Thursday, April 6, 2017


     Tuesday night I attended Loyola’s contribution to the City of Lights. It took place in the Student Center ranging from Cold Spring Sushi to McManus Theatre. There were also a few exhibits outside. I found it very cool to see the correlation of lights and sound. There was a variety of visual representations. I have attached pictures of a few images of my favorite exhibits below. Many of the presentations were complex. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the word Loyola that was lit up. It allowed me to focus on the individual lights twinkling and notice the pattern of the time. I was not distracted by constant motion and noise. As I enjoyed the first exhibit so much, I found that attraction inside of McManus theatre to be sensory overload. As a whole it was very pretty to see and the dimming of the theatre lights to focus on the stage was a nice touch. However, the moving people and yo-yos made the stage background do unnoticed until I was going through my pictures today. Outside the exhibits were very different. They glimmered in comparison to the dark sky. I found it very cool the way the short clips were projected off of the windows and students going by could observe without entering the building. Additionally, I found the giant light up L in front of Humanities to be very symbolic of the importance of the City of Lights at Loyola. It was very cool to remind community members where this exhibit came from. On my way back from the exhibit, I was surprised to see that they even lit the library up. Overall, the City of Lights was very cool. It made me stop and think about all of the amazing things that light can do. It started off as an invention by Thomas Edison to see at night and evolved into videos!

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