Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Calvino Article Review

     Visibility by Italo Calvino discusses the two kinds of imagination. The first kind of imagination is the one that starts at words and ends at visual. The second kind of imagination has the opposite journey it starts at visual and ends at words. I find this to be an interesting idea. Upon reflection I can see the two different ideas have both been used in my various sections of my life. Playing lacrosse in high school before all of my games I would visualize winning. One particular game stands out to me, our county semi-final against New Providence. All week I visualized the feeling of winning and moving on in the tournament. This greatly helped my performance on the day of the event. I played just as I visualized I would. Visualizing a victory in lacrosse and other aspects of my life has helped me practice mind over matter in order to have more confidence and courage. I have also used the words to visual imagination in my life. When writing a paper, I write down the steps in an outline to then create the final paper. Personally, I find visualization and then action to be more common in my life.

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